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About us
01 Şubat 2023 Çarşamba

Our Education Center
Bilecik Şeyh Edebali University Industry Based Vocational Education Application and Research Center (EDMEM); Supported by BEBKA within the scope of "Cooperation and Development Financial Support Program", it was completed on 29.05.2015 and the center started to operate.

It is a center equipped with advanced technological training sets and equipment. EDMEM serves industrial organizations and university students.

The main purpose of the Industry Based Vocational Education Application and Research Center is:

– To support the technology-oriented vocational education infrastructure of the university in order to train the current technical staff trained at the university level in Bilecik in accordance with the labor market and the future demands of the enterprises,
- To provide support with trainings for the solution of problems by cooperating with industrial organizations, other private and public institutions,

- To develop the practical ability of the theoretically equipped, vocational and technically educated workforce in order to use the developing technological equipment and to organize courses for this purpose. The teaching staff of the center; It consists of academic staff who are experts in their fields and have trainer certificates for the field they will teach.